Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've sent half my kids to school, and the other half are still sleeping, so before I jump into the day full force, I thought I'd take a little time to quickly update what we have been up to. Jack just curled up beside me...looks like time is running out.
 Here we go...bullet style.

 We just got back from Baltimore. It's kinda crazy there. We traveled with Chad, since he had meetings there, and although the architecture is amazing, I felt a little unsafe at times. There is this children's museum there called Port Discovery. It was amazing!!! I'm calling it kid heaven, especially for Jacob since that busy boy has to touch everything!!!! The funniest thing though, when we left the museum, Jacob fell into the fountain outside. I had only packed enough clothes for the two days we were there, and we still had more places to go, so he left a snail trail down the sidewalk as we walked to our next destination.

Two weekends ago I surprised Tehya by whisking her away early one morning and we rode the bus to NY where we met up with Cari and Maile. Such a fun weekend, filled with good food, boat rides on The Lake, lots of walking and shopping, and a night of Mary Popping in the Theater District. Cari and I also got to sneak away twice to run through Central Park. Loved it!  Can I just tell you about the hotel for a minute? We stayed at the Hampton Inn, and the service there was amazing!  We've stayed at a few hotels in Times Square before, and the service here was the best yet!  They filled our room with goodies every night, and were so kind and happy every time we saw them.  One night the brought us a huge bag of home made cookies.  Another night, cupcakes and a box of chocolates.  The last morning I was there, the kitchen staff made me gluten free waffles.  Seriously amazing!!!   The rooms aren't huge, but the wonderful treatment from the staff will make up for it!  Joan was our favorite.  She's standing in the photo there with the girls.

I won a race!!! It was April 28th, the day after my 29th birthday. Just so you know, it'll be my 29th birthday from here on out. My grandma taught me how to lie about my birthday.
 Thanks Grandma!!
 I had a goal for the race, and that was to break 20 minutes. It was a 5k, and I had ran it the year before in 21 minutes, and am planning on running it every year if I can. I love it that it takes place just days after my birthday, and it's for an amazing cause...ADOPTION.
 I just couldn't get my legs going.  It's been a year since my knee sprain, and I feel strong, but still slower that I was last year.  After taking 4 months off, I started running again the end of September, and it's taken a long time to feel 100%, but I think I'm there.  Now to keep working hard and building my speed!
 I didn't reach my goal of breaking 20 minutes, but I did win for the females, and broke the tape at the finish line. It's a day I will never forget. Chad was waiting for me just on the other side of the tape, and I fell into his arms and hugged him till I had to get walking for fear of loosing my breakfast! I've mentioned before how much running reminds me of life, and trials, and how sweet it is to be embraced by those you love at the finish line. I can't help but think of the symbolism that is laced all through racing. Anyway, that's for another LONG post.
(Someone put this together for me...maybe the race director? Not sure, but it was so sweet!)

 The kids are doing great!  Jack continues to be our comedic relief. Just hang out with him for a bit and you'll see it.  He is playing base ball and loves it. Jacob is playing base ball too, but doesn't love it too much. He's more interested in making messes and inventions. I caught him and Jack trying to hoist Vanna up to the kitchen deck by tying Christmas ribbon to a stroller from below, with Vanna nestled happily inside. Vanna is our little dancer, who has a hard time running around normal...she's either galloping or twirling. It takes forever to go anywhere with her. And if you listen really close, you can hear music follow her where ever she goes. Music of her own making. Tehya is still riding horses and spending two days a week at the farm. She also has a crush on someone, who I'm sworn to secrecy that I won't tell a soul!!! Sorry, It won't be divulged here on the blog.

That's all for now!


The Heitritter Family said...

I love it! You won a race!! That is so exciting. I have a 5K this Saturday and I just have not been motivated to run very much since I had Grady almost 10 months ago. It may be a disaster :) Your NY trip looked so fun. How special for your girl to have that mommy-daughter time. You are a great mama. Happy 29th - hee hee!

Michelle said...

So great to hear from you guys! I am so jealous of your getaway to New York, I really need to take Kate there someday. Wish we could go for a run together....though I am so much slower than you! I was so proud of myself yesterday when I averaged 9 minutes/mile. No way I could break 20 minutes! But, at least I'm running, right? Love you!

Kristin said...

oh Marci i miss you so so much! so happy to see you and your beautiful family doing so well! what an amazing time in NY? and you are so amazing! a true inspiration for winning that race!! xx