Monday, March 22, 2010

My house

The last few months I have been painting like crazy. I never told ya'll the colors we used so I will list a few of my favorite here. First, all the paint was Benjamin Moore. AMAZING. The Aura line of paint is what we used. I love it because....
You don't need to prime, just throw the paint on your clean patched walls.
It dries in an hour for a re-coat or to decorate.
Most of the time it only needed one coat.
It is 50 dollars a gallon, but one gallon covered my entire family room and kitchen.
I actually saved money because I didn't need to buy primer too.
It comes in matte, which I LOVE, and the matte paint can be used in Kitchens and Bathrooms, unlike traditional matte paint. It is mold and mildew resistant.
Touch ups are seamless, and it is EXTREMELY scrubbable.
Most matte paint isn't very kid friendly, but Savannah took a red permanent marker to my newly painted walls and I was able to scrub it off harm done to the paint.

I love it, I love it, and will never buy any other paint again.
We have now painted our entire house, and most rooms I had painted and decorated in one night. While the kiddies slept.

Oh, I almost forgot the best is low VOC, meaning, the fumes are minimal. I actually didn't notice any. A bit sad because I love the smell of paint, but good for the kids. They could sleep in their rooms the same night.

Here's some pictures from my family room. The color here is stonington grey. It's beautiful and peaceful.

Last Saturday I found these locks at an antique store. I couldn't pass them up. Aren't they awesome? Now I am going to be hunting for the skeleton keys for the other two.

And now for my favorite find. I have been saving my money for a while now to buy a side board to use in our family room as an entertainment center. I found this one on Thursday and with a little pep talk from Anitra, I bought it! I love it! Thanks Anitra for reminding me that I would be sad if I didn't have this in my home.

I Love it!!!!!

OOOHHH, I just love it!!

Jenny, I bought these candle sticks with the gift card you gave me. Thanks so much. I love them so, and I think of you every time I see them. By the way, come back to Virginia and visit me! Tehya misses Sadie to death!

Oh, and this little bird is at Joannes right now for under a dollar. Check out their clearance section. They always have fun things that you can paint and be creative with.

My other favorite color is Rockport Gray. It is a perfect warm grey with a slight brown undertone. We painted the entry way and hall ways, and both of the girls room this color. I'll put pictures of their rooms next.

This room's color is called Amherst gray. It is so pretty, and we just bought the wood to put wainscoting up so I will have to show you what it looks like when it is finally done.