Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bad guys and Fire flies

We headed out Saturday night looking for a good location. This old house was just sitting there, all alone and abandoned. It was a beautiful site, just off the road on the way to Manassas. While shooting farther down on the property, we were startled to hear people talking. I looked up the hill to see a car filled with men parked next to our car. An uneasy feeling swept through my body. We decided it was time to find a new location. As we walked toward the car, they drove off. So we stayed. We just made sure we stayed on the road where there would be other people. As the sun set, the fire flies came out. It was so magical. It fills my heart to be able to go out and take pictures with my friends. Thanks Chira for being our model.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bluemont, Virginia

I had the opportunity to go with some friends to shoot some pictures in this little town about 30 minutes from where I live. I drove through it a few weeks ago and have been dying to go back. There is still much more exploring to do.

Thanks Amy for organizing this! I had so much fun taking pictures, and I am officially in love with this little town, "Bluemont". Also, Rebekah, thanks for modeling for are so beautiful!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Story time! My version and his version.

He picked the wrong window to perch on. It was about midnight when I spotted him, green and black, suctioned to our sliding door. The rain must have brought him.
I caught him...I grabbed his slimy little body and put it in a container with some water and rocks. For the next hour I debated letting him go.
As I peered into the container, I whispered a little "sorry".
Then I went to bed.

So far today, Shawn the frog has been on quite the adventure.
I made the rule "frogs stay outside", but Shaun keeps managing to find his way indoors.
At 6:00 am, he ate breakfast with us, observing from the leg of a dining chair.
6:30, his first trip to the bathroom inside a little boys pocket.
6:45, a swiming excersion inside an old pickle jar.
7:00, lost behind the TV.
Our day has continued like this...inside and out, lost and found.
At about 8:00, Jacob let him go. They stared at eachother, one boy inside, one slimy frog outside. Stared for about 10 minutes until suddenly Shaun jumped back inside onto Jacobs happy little arm. Upstairs he ran to explain that Shaun chose to stay.
One time Jacob believed he was sneaking Shaun inside safely in his pocket, when I spotted him clinging tightly to Jacobs back.
It's 9:30 now and I don't know what to do.

So now here I sit. Frog croaking in the background. Jacob teaching him his ABC's. Outside the window I watch a mommy robin sit on her nest full of plump blue eggs.
Across the lawn, a bunny munches on our weeds. And inside, a frog hops around.

I heard Jacob's version of the story while he talked to my mom on the phone:

My Frog, by Jacob Green

We found a frog.
I took it inside, and outside, and inside, and outside.
Then I hid it in my house.
Then I let it go.

Update: Shaun the frog is safe and sound outside, hiding somewhere. Jacob asks..."do you think he is missing me horribly?"

Monday, June 1, 2009

still more...

I think this is one of my favorites. I wonder if you need to obtain permission before taking random people's photographs...but by the time you ask, the moment is gone. I just couldn't resist.


Mother of the groom

some guy

(...this is the man who married them)

view from where the wedding dinner was held

parents of the groom

all four brothers.