Friday, April 24, 2009


I was cleaning up downstairs. Jacob ran down to tell me they
"made hand prints".
What was he talking about? I ran upstairs to find this...

Jacob and Jack helped Savannah make her hand print on paper.

The boys managed to stay pretty know,
just a hand wash.

Savannah needed a bath.

Here she is all clean.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

potty talk

I went to the doctor the other day.
I was told to drink 32 oz of water one hour before I arrived. The test was just an ultrasound for something you really don't want to know about. Obediently I chugged 2 water bottles one hour before my appointment. When I arrived at the doctor, I was already pretty uncomfortable.
Probably because I hadn't emptied my bladder since the morning.
Oh well.

Excited to have a quiet moment, I sat down in the waiting room with a good book.

I sat still.

I waited.

I waited some more...

Forty five minutes later, I was still sitting, but I could no longer hold still. I tried to concentrate on my book, but the "P" word kept creeping into the pages. Dancing in my chair, I wondered if I should get up and pester the receptionist, or just be patient.

Now pain. I couldn't remember having to go this bad since I was little. I stood up to walk to the counter and had to waddle, knees held tight together. Looking down at my stomach, I looked pregnant.

I asked, "do you know how much longer I am going to have to wait?"

The reply, "maybe another half hour."

Now panic.

I explained to the girl why I was there. As embarrassed as I was, the discomfort was grater and I confided in her that I could hold "it" no longer. She suggested that I only let out a little to relieve the discomfort.

Away I waddled down the hall and around the corner to the bathroom. I felt 5 again.

Only a little.
I would just go a little.
Just to relieve the pressure and pain.

I couldn't do it! I tried to be disciplined, but it all came out. I was sure they would call my name as soon as I went back in and the test would have to be rescheduled.

On my way back to confess, I swallowed as much water from the drinking fountain as I could.

She called my name.

With my head down, I walked back to the front desk.

"It all came out."

She just laughed and handed me a water bottle. "Get drinking."


This picture is random, but I wanted to show Kim G what the jammies she gave Savannah looked like. Thanks Kim! She finally gets to wear them.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not much to say today. Instead of a story, you get lots and lots of pictures. We had wonderful guests with us for the weekend, and I miss them already. It is always so hard to say goodbye. We are doing great. Jack is getting happier every day. He is finally sleeping well. I am also feeling much better. I'll share more later...but for now, I have pictures.

Grandpa and Truman

Mark and Liz on the Potomac


Tru with Mt. Vernons's amazing brick walls

Liz in DC


Vannah and Grandpa

Grandpa and Grandma

handsome Chad

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wonderful Stories

My mom has started a blog. It will be filled with wonderful stories written by her for the grandchildren. I am so excited about this because she is such a talented writer and I have been begging her for years to start writing children's books. We had this dream of creating together. She would write while I would illustrate. We're getting closer. She writes and I take pictures. Take a peek here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Tears

March 31, 2009

Surgery day.
He was mean to the nurses this morning. I could tell he was mad at what they were doing to him. He didn't understand. It was hard to pry his arms from my neck so they could take him to the surgery room. As the nurse walked away from me with Jack in her arms, I could see his sad eyes at the end of the hall. At least he wasn't yelling at them anymore.

The surgery went fast and he did wonderfully! He threw up once in the recovery room, and that was good. He needed to get "that stuff" out of his stomach. It was not good that he coudln't stop throwing up once we took him home. For the next 8 hours he didn't keep anything down. We tried anti nausea suppositories. I couldn't keep him hydrated. With no pain meds in his little body, he stopped talking. Sometimes he would nod, but that was it.

Dr. Fox kept calling. She called every few hours. By 6:00 pm It was time to meet her at the hospital. No tears appeared in Jacks eyes. Nothing for me to wipe from his face. He was crying but they weren't there. Not a sound crawled between his lips when they gave him the IV. He was too tired to be mean to the nurses again.

"Sleep with me." We snuggled until it was too late. I needed to get home to relieve my dear friend who was watching the other kids. I left him there at the hospital with his wonderful father.

April 1, 2009

I hope there will be no pranks today. Too tired for that. Ok, maybe I could handle a couple. We will get to bring Jack home today. He is doing great! Thanks for all of the help and comments. I appreciate them so much. We are doing much better.


We are home now! He did awesome this morning so they let us bring him home. Jack still won't smile, but I have a feeling he will soon. I am so grateful for friends. Thanks for being willing to help.