Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New York Christmas!

A month after my surgery, and I'm finally feeling 100%!
What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to have a perfectly happy throat.

No more sores on my tonsils.

No more headaches.

That awful surgery was well worth a month of my life.

We decided last minute to head to NY for Christmas.

It was perfect timing, since Chad's parents and two brothers were flying in from Utah too.

Staying in Times Square is always an adventure.
The kids kept calling people bad guys.
I shouldn't have shown them Home Alone 2 before we left.

We woke up the first morning to head out to the toy stores.
After a long day of shopping we met Mark, Liz, Tom and Travis at a live nativity somewhere in NY.

What a treat that was.

In fact, it might have been my favorite thing about Christmas this year.

To sit in that beautiful stone church, with high ceilings, children singing, and watching Mary ride a donkey between the pews toward the front of the church,
I couldn't help but feel the true meaning of Christmas,
remembering our Savior Jesus Christ.
It was just beautiful.

Thanks Liz for taking us there.

Thanks Liz again for taking some pictures of my family.
I usually choose to leave my camera at home instead of being tempted to watch the kids through a lens.
It's too easy to forget about my parental responsibilities when I've got my camera around my neck.

Here's some in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center
Some watching the light display on the side of the Macys building.

So much fun!
Oh ya, and Vanna and Jack on the bus.

My Christmas Day treat was getting to finally meet my new niece, Chantel. Liz is such an amazing mom, and it was a treat to be able to meet her new little baby, who was born 11 weeks early and is still in the NICU.