Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Girls in their new Christmas dresses!
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Jones.
They looked so beautiful today.

And Jacob wanted his picture taken too.
He's such a good little man,
and a good looking little man also

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is there a better way to start the new year than with a RACE?

Vanna was up sick all night, so I left the house alone this morning.

No little cheerleaders to love me across the finish line.
No tiny runners to run with me for the last 30 feet.
No amazing running partner named Nat who's sick too.
Just me, myself and I.

There was one runner in front of me named Marcy, with a Y, and she had lots of cheerleaders.
I just pretended they were cheering for me.

That was fun, and helpful.

A nice lady also stuck with me to help me keep pace.

That was fun, and helpful too!

When I felt like slowing down, she reminded me pick up my legs, and my pace. When I came to a hill, she reminded me to let my legs lengthen and speed up. I wish I had someone like that every race.

My goal was 22 minutes.

I didn't reach my goal.
Next time.
I ran 23 minutes, which is the same time I got late in October. I am glad I am back where I was before my surgery.

Guess what else I'm glad about?

I won an award in my age division. A gift certificate to the running store!

When they called my name, I couldn't resist jumping up and down. Did I really hear my name?
I even let out a little scream.

I was so excited to tell Chad that I ran all the way back to my car to call him.

My first award!
I'm in shock!
I'm saving it for some new running shoes.

My sweet running team that I coached gave me a gift certificate to the same store after the last running season ended.
Isn't that so thoughtful?
It too is going toward my new running shoes.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!