Thursday, July 21, 2011

Life is a tinsy winsy bit harder for everyone when an entire cycle of slumber has been disregarded.

What do we do for a little girl who threw up all night and her mom who stayed up with her?

Tehya treated her to a therapeutic spa treatment
(thanks Grandma Green for the nail kit!)

and the boys helped me make gluten free cookies to sweeten up the day.

And Vanna threw the cookies up.


Sarah @ Pink Lime said...

Are you guys Gluten Free now? I've been GF f or the last year, not the easiest thing to do- good luck!

Cyndi and Logan said...

Marci!! I LOVE that you are a runner and HATE that you are so fast :)!! I love reading about your kids and just MIGHT have to try sardines!!

Liz Green said...

Poor Vanna. Hope she gets feeling better. It's just not fun being sick.
Truman just got over the flu a couple weeks ago, so something must being going around.

Tom said...

It's no fun being sick and throwing up all night. We hope that Savannah is feeling OK now. Glad the girls enjoy the nail painting set. Love the precious photos and all of you guys. Grandpa and Grandma Green

Melodrama Mama said...

Such wonderfully thoughtful kids. They must have learned it from their amazing mother. Love you - and love them!

Glass House said...

Ah that is so sweet!